Fresh Produce Pop-Up Pantry Project

A portion of our work is dedicated to being a local source of free fresh produce for those in need. We believe poor and marginalized members of the community deserve access to healthy food. Every season, a field of crops is designated towards the Fresh Produce Pop-Up Pantry Project, which is a monthly produce give-away sponsored by Chi City Foods and Chicago LGBTQ community organizations.

 Fresh Produce Pop-Up Pantry Project details:

  • Last Thursday of the month in July, August, September & October

  • Chi City Foods donates 25 bags of produce valued at $800

  • Sponsoring organizations contribute $200 annually towards transportation & supplies

  • Organizations provide space, staff/volunteers, and recruit participants

  • Chi City Foods handles delivery, set-up, and a one-time volunteer training

Neighborhood Farm Stands

CCF provides fresh produce at accessible rates in the neighborhoods where our farm stands are located, bringing farmers market fresh produce to poor and marginalized communities.

Education & training available:

Chi City Foods seeks to be a farm and eco-campus that provides hands-on training in urban agriculture issues and skills. We aim to create space for marginalized groups to restore the knowledge and skills that were lost due to colonization and oppression. CCF teaches community members how to feed themselves on the path towards healthy self-determined and sustaining communities.


DAB Consulting offers training sessions rooted in Popular Education, or education for critical consciousness raising techniques, that are designed to empower people who feel marginalized socially and politically to take control of their own learning to effect social change.

  • Organizing Skills for Beginners

  • Organizing Strategies for Black Liberation

  • Popular Education as a Practice of Freedom

  • The School to Prison Pipeline and the Rise of the PIC

  • Untangling Gender & Sexuality: LGBT 10

Past organizing & social justice workshop topics include:

  • Advanced Organizing Skills

  • All about the T in LGBT: Trans 101

  • Diversity isn’t Enough: Resisting Racism in the Workplace

  • Eating Social Change:Food Justice for Beginners

  • Facilitation & Popular Education Skills

  • Intro to Restorative Justice & Circle Keeping

Past youth organizing topics include:

  • The Grey Zone: Boundaries and Relationship Building for Youth workers

  • Positive Youth Development & Youth Leadership Training

  • Unpacking Adultism for Youth Workers and Adult Allies


We look forward to bringing over a decade of experience in youth development, community organizing, workshop development, and popular education trainings to create a consultation experience that's right for you.

  • Developing Organizing Models & Campaigns

  • Professional Development Plans for Youth Workers

  • Professional Development Plans for Organizers,

  • Social Justice Curriculum Development 

Past consultation topics include:

  • Applying Anti Racist Principles in the Workplace

  • Applying Social Justice Models to Youth Work

  • Board Development

  • Crafting Mission & Values Statement


Many sessions can be experienced via live webinar. Using video conferencing technology participants from across the country can engage the content virtually with live interaction from DAB facilitators.